Founded in1921, the Community of Early Buddhism (Altbuddhistische Gemeinde), was dissolved at the end of 2002, and the lighthouse of religious Buddhist teaching probably extinguished in Germany. After the death of her longtime elders and guiding spirit Max Hoppe (Br. Dhammapālo) in October 1992, the spiritual power of this community languished gradually – due to the lack of a charismatic figure in her inner circle - and apparently nobody kept in mind that legacy as Max Hoppe it had often stressed: If only three of its members want to preserve the community and continue despite all hardships, problems and needs, the community would continue to exist with the seeds of renewed growth and new size in itself. Probably some members have forgotten this principle.


Almost without a whimper the Community of Early Buddhism disappeared from the landscape of German Buddhism and with it the great work of the most significant Buddhist philosopher of the West – Georg Grimm. How could such a precious heritage seem to disappear so completely in the dark of history? Here and there was in the Buddhist world to hear, especially in Germany and Austria, regret and sympathy, but also less positive reactions came from those individuals who represent a nihilistic or syncretic interpretation of the teachings of the Buddha.


"Killed, but not dead" once ran an article in the Journal YĀNA of the Community of Early Buddhism, and this motto feels this website and therefore also committed to their author. Deeply and even more so, this obligation to the great heritage Georg Grimm and his successors Māyā Keller-Grimm and Max Hoppe. Above all, they both had after the death of Georg Grimm by that established in collaboration with the great Indologist Dr. Karl Seidenstücker the Community of Early Buddhism again after the great catastrophe of the Second World War for decades to bloom and flourish brought and gave it an appeal that goes far beyond the borders of the German-speaking world.


This site can be documented only in fragments, and thus remain just a torso. Its author is the once extensive archives – where it actually exists - the Community of Early Buddhism, its very extensive correspondence since the 1920s, with some precious and irreplaceable photographs, the large library, the many sounds and the diaries of Max Hoppe, for the history of the Community of Early Buddhism as valuable and insightful. All that applies to only a few exceptions have been lost or suspected to be lost. Thus, the author can only access one´s own, very modest and insufficient documentation, as well as elsewhere on the meager resources and information.


To the reader of this site,it is left the discretion to proceed with appropriate interest to yourself on the trail looking for the promising motto: " Seek and ye shall find!"


The intellectual heritage Georg Grimm is not dead! His works are in part still available in bookstores, are occasionally published in English on, but also in numerous antiquarian bookshops a wealth of works of Georg Grimm can be found in the different editions.


Georg Grimm's followers are probably primarily those interested in the religious teachings of the Buddha, but also scientists and Buddhologists dealing with his writings. They were all greeted it from here. Whether from the engaging of all those will be built with Georg Grimm works quietly something new - the future will tell. Georg Grimm used to say: "Everything lies much deeper!"


This shall be hoisted only after all and a banner. On it is written in flaming a great and shining name: GEORG GRIMM.